Chosen Season 2 Episode 11 – What’s My Line Part 1 & 2

Mel and Marissa’s thoughts and hearts go out to all people affected by the recent school shootings in the USA and are deeply inspired by the Highschool students who are taking a stand against the NRA and the government as they fight for their right to go to school without fear of being killed.

Also a small correction: David Boreanez received his audition after he was seen walking his dog by a friend of the casting director – not mowing his lawn.

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Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 – School Hard/Inca Mummy Girl

Slightly Early release!!!

This week Marissa has watched School Hard and Inca Mummy Girl.

While Marissa is reserved in her predictions she did thoroughly enjoy School hard, an episode beloved by many fans.

This is a great (and long) episode.

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