Recording Schedule


What is the recording and release format?

Episodes are recorded on the weekend before their release on Tuesday. For example Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 will be recorded between 2nd and 4th of February and be released 6 February.  If it is a double week an episode will be released Tuesday and another on Thursday.  If you want to write an email in just tell me which episodes the email is going to be in relation to.

When we record a double for the week we will usually record the first episode first thing Saturday morning (Australian time)/Friday night (USA time) and the second episode will be Sunday afternoon (Australian time)/ Late Saturday night (USA time).  This gives Marissa time to watch

Why do some weeks have two episodes?

Mel and Marissa are going to be on the same continent in November (It is very exciting), For this momentous occasion they are going to record an episode together. Mel wanted this to be one of her favourite episodes. The infrequent two episodes a week will allow this to line up perfectly. After November there will only be one episode a week.


Chosen – A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watch through Season 3 release schedule:

10 April – Episodes 1 & 2
17 April – Episodes 3 & 4
24 April – Episodes 5 & 6
26 April – Episodes 7 & 8
1 May    – Episodes 9 & 10
8 May    – Episodes 11 & 12
10 May  – Episodes 13 & 14
15 May  – Episodes 15 & 16
22 May – Episodes 17 & 18
29 May – Episodes 19 & 20
5 June – Episodes 21 & 22


Witch Weekly

What is the recording and release format?

Witch Weekly is released every Thursday. Seasons run for 20 episodes with breaks in between seasons. Some episodes are recorded in advance (to ensure you always get your weekly dose of Harry Potter) and some are recorded the weekend before release. Depending on the number of emails we receive we may read them in a regular show or do a mail bag episode.