Monday Night Raw #273, August 17th, 1998

dontlookatmeOn this edition of the Triple ThreatCast we are less than two weeks from SummerSlam and the big matchup between Stone Cold and The Undertaker (the duo named “Cold Death” by Marissa). There was one segment in this show that nearly drove Mel and Marissa to the breaking point but it was not mentioned too much in this podcast and it will not be mentioned at all here…but, Austin will have to be on his toes just in case the Undertaker is in cahoots with his own brother. Val Venis must endure a gauntlet match against Kaientai if he wants a shot in the ring against Mr. Yamaguchi. Will Val taste defeat or will he be able to lick all five? So many strange things are afoot, plus we’ve got emails and Mel gives out a prize, on episode 25 of the Triple ThreatCast.





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